Saturday, March 28, 2009

Preparing and Planting

Following the advice of the Brew Your Own article, I purchased two 20" pots along with enough dirt to fill them and two 2"x2"x8" posts for the trellis.

two 20" pots: $34.74
two 64qt soil bags: $25.96
two 2x2x8 pots: $4.98

I decided to attach the posts to the side of the pots for added stability. That required adding the filler piece between the posts and the pot so that the posts would remain verticaly straight. Screws were used to attach the posts to the sides of the pot. A eye-bolt was screwed in to the top of both posts as a guide for the hop twine.

After everything was attached, I ran the hop twine through the eye-bolts and moved the pots to a location on the South side of the house before filling them with dirt. Two holes were drilled just under the rim on each pot which were used to tie off two strands of hop twine which the hops will hopefully grow up.

The hop rhizomes were then planted a couple of inches below the surface.

Nugget in the left pot.

Cascade on the right.

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