Friday, June 12, 2009

Adjusted twines; tiny hops beginning to form; temperature rising

Last week, I made some modifications to the trellis and added some cross bars. This week I realigned the hop twines on the Cascade plant to take advantage of the new design. As you can see, the twines from the left and right sides of the pot criss-cross and are loosely attached to the ends of crossbars. I'll add third and fourth cross bar as needed. I'll probably need to add a third crossbar to the nugget plant as that bine is about to reach the top again.

A few of the burrs on the Cascade are actually starting to resemble tiny little hops.

While the Nugget is starting to grow some pretty cool looking side arms.

The official forecast for the next 10 days is 98F with no chances of rain. The shaded thermometer in my backyard has been topping 100F, so keeping the plants out of the direct afternoon rays is definitely looking like it was a good idea.

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