Monday, May 3, 2010

Adjusted the Drip Irrigation System and Trellis

I made an adjustment to the drip irrigation system to help ensure more uniform water distribution and moisture level. Each pot only had two drippers which didn't seem to be uniformly distributing moisture around the soil. I added a third dripper to each pot and the tubing now goes in a U shape around the plants (see photo to the left). This should help ensure the whole root system is getting water. And based on how fast the bines are continuing to grow and develop hop cones, the plants are obviously needing a great deal of it.

I also adjusted the twine at the top of the trellis to try and give the Cascade bine more room to grow. The bine now goes horizontally across the top cross-bar and then back diagonally to the top. I guess when I reaches the top again, I'll just make it grow back down the other side. I could also just extend the pole a few more feet and add on some more cross bars which is what I may end up having to do.

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