Thursday, July 15, 2010

Continuing Recovery

Both plants are continuing their recover and have a lot of new growth that's starting to replace all the leaves that mysteriously died off. The Cascade has grown a lot of new leaves and there are quite a few new bines racing up the twine. The new growth on the Nugget is appearing much slower, making the plant appear very thin and unhappy. It looks like both plants are getting back on track, but I'm not feeling very positive about the chances of getting a good crop of hops this year. The photos below show all the new growth on the lower portion of both plants with the Nugget on the left and the Cascade on the right.


  1. I think its pretty amazing you're getting hops (a cool weather plant) to grown in the 100+ F heat! Crazy attempt, but worth doing I suppose if you are serious about brewing. Good job.

  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, the plants are not doing well lately. The almost constant rain during July kept the soil way too moist and didn't allow time to dry out. The now almost constant 100F heat in August is also taking its toll. I'm not sure how well they'll end up doing at all.


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